How it All Began

Ciao, my name is Quinn Elstad, and, sneak peek, I travel a lot 😉.

As a wanderlust soul yearning to share, I decided to bring up online, from the most embarrassing to once-in-a-lifetime memories, all packed in this one blog.

So join me on this journey.

With no plan whatsoever (except for knowing what we won’t be doing) and let the adventure begin.

Betcha, Tips For Traveling wouldn’t be just-another-travel-blog that you stumbled across!

Quinn Elstad

Where I’ve Been

I’ve been quite lucky to have the opportunity to go on some of the most amazing trips and explore different cultures, landscapes and cuisines. I’m sure you will be able to relate with my anecdotes and laugh at my misfortunes as I share them.

And guess what? Not only will you have a good time, but you will also get to discover some of the best traveling tips and tricks. I’ve also included advice about accommodation, transport and food for each location that I’ve visited – all curated by yours truly!


Let’s make some magic together.